How to lose weight

These are some Frequently Asked Questions about How to lose Weight :-

  • What is the cause of gaining over weight ?
  • How to lose weight without exercise ?
  • Can I lose my weight ?
  • How can I lose weight naturally ?
  • Lose weight without exercise.
  • can I lose my weight by less diet ?

As u know what to eat is more important than how much to eat. Similarly its also most important that “Does your body digesting that food ?” All Obesity related problems are the result of “Weak Digestion System” On the Internet even in my own article u will get so many advices or solutions. But the most important thing is your Digestion System.

There are so many healthy foods. There are so many costly diet foods. But if your body is not able to digest. Than that’s all are total waist of money, time and your most imp ‘Hope’.

What is Obesity –

First of all you must be aware with the problem, before searching the solution. There are so many similarly words like Fat man/woman, Over weight, Obesity. Increasing some weight is not obesity. The people who join the gym for exercise, also gets their weight increase. its mean not that they are fat. Gaining weight is a different thing than over weight or obesity.

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Cause of Obesity –

  • Weak Digestion System
  • Unhealthy food
  • No Physical work
  • No Exercise
  • Disturbed Daily routine
  • Meal Timing.
  • Busy life.

What is the cause of gaining over weight ?

Before knowing the solution we must we aware with the exact problem. Because if we understand the problem, than its easier to get the solution easily too.

How to lose weight ?

There are so many ways to lose weigh. Like…

  • Make Your Digestion System Stronger.
  • Follow diet chart.
  • Avoid fast-food or junk-food.
  • Never avoid Breakfast.
  • Make your digestion System strong.
  • Eat more fruits.
  • Get more vegetables in your diet.

How to lose weight without exercise ?

In the present time its not easy for everyone to go to the gym. At this time everybody is busy for their living. But still there are so many chances to get lose your weight without exercise. Because the cause of gaining weight 70% depends on what you eat and 30% depend on exercise or workout. Its mean your diet is more important than the exercise. So yes, you can lose your weight without exercise. You can make it possible by making changes in your diet plan.

Can I lose my weight ?

There are so many kinds of people and they all have different life style and diet. some of them use to eat a lot, still they do not get over weight. On the other side there are some people who always concern about diet, still they get over weight. its all about your digestion system. But its mean not that the people with weak digestion system can’t loose weight. But they will have to make their digestion system strong.

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How can I lose weight naturally ?

There are so many ways to lose weight naturally. You can apply those at home. Drink more water, avoid junk food, take healthy diet, sleep properly, walk regularly, do some exercise or yoga.

Weight lose at home ?

If you are not able to join any gym or go out for the exercise. than you can try it at home. There are so many things at home which u can use like gym equipment.

How can I lose weight in 7 days ?

weight lose

This think is taken from movies. There are some actors in hollywood who got succeed in transforming their body just opposite within a limited duration of time. But in real life it’s very difficult to do. So I don’t suggest to try it in real life.

Warm Water –

warm water is the best way to lose weight. Not only for weight lose, but is works ultimately on our body also.

Take Healthy diet –

At present time we avoid healthy food for junk foods. We go out at night for the street food. There are so many hygienic issue over there. Those foods are tasty but not healthy! Some people use to take cold drinks with them. as we know the cold drinks decrease the metabolism. it leads to increase fat in our body.

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Take more Water –

Up to 60% of human body is water. This is the need of our body. When only 1% of its level gets decrease from our body, We feel thirsty.

Eating Fruits are better than taking Fruit Juice –

Fruits are more easy to digest than fruit juice. Most of the seal packed juice are not the real fruit juice. Even most of the juice companies do not make the organic juice. They sell out the synthetic fruit juice. So it is better to get fruits than packed juice. But u can make juice at home.

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