About Facebook

About Facebook

Here we will know ‘About Facebook’. In the present time we all know about facebook. Most of the people are on it. This time is the era of social media. We all are known very well with the power of social Media.

About Facebook :

Facebook is an American Social Networking site and social media. Facebook is owned by Meta Platforms. It was the most downloaded app on internet in 2010. It is a world wide site which is providing services all over the world except Blocking countries. In the Present Time Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Fb. Fb have 2.85 Billion Monthly active users (as of 31 March 2021). It is written in C++, Hack (asHHVM), D. It an online site which can be used from various devices like Smartphone, tablet, PC with the internet Connectivity.

How to Use Facebook :

For using this social networking Site You must have such things :- A Device like Smartphone, PC or Tablet with Internet connectivity. You need one mobile number or email to confirm identity. Simply by using any browser or facebook app you can open this site. Than you have to create account with some basic information like Name, DOB, Gender, Photo, Contact Etc. After Creating Profile You Can hide your information by going through privacy feature. For Better experience you can install Facebook app and messenger.

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Why facebook is better than the other sites ?

You can send Friend request, messages, like, share & comment on the posts of people or pages. you can like pages, join groups and add people. This is the best community platform to explore the World. People can send messages to each other. You can share Text, Photos, videos any much more on Fb. You can make friends far from u anywhere all over the world. There are many privacy features to make posts visible according you. It’s use is free of cost. No charges are required to the users for it.

Facebook Community –

You can Follow here people, pages and join Groups according to your own interest. Is you are an student than there are so many Educational Groups, pages and People whom u can follow. If You are interested in Politics u can join political groups. Here you can share your own thoughts. If ur a genius, people will like u and follow u. So u can get a big Fan following through your own thoughts.

Foundation of The Facebook –

Fb was Founded on 4th February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberd with the fellows of Harvard College. First he limited the membership over 13 years old people.

Why Facebook is Blue –

Fb is blue theme because Mark Zuckerberg is Colorblind. A color blind person cant differ between red & Green color. So he selected the blue for his site.

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Advertisement on Facebook –

There are two types of advertising your product, farm etc. First paid and second free of cost. First is important where u directly pay to fb for boosting your post or advertising your product. Second option is making your own page or group to make your own community where you can get more post reach.

Facts About Facebook –

  • You can Block anyone on Facebook Except Mark Zuckerberg The Founder of It.
  • Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum were the fellows of Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard College.
  • Facebook is available in how many languages – Fb is a Multilingual site which provides ‘111 Languages‘.
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