How to change Dashboard Language How to change Dashboard Language

‘How to change Dashboard Language and Website Language in WordPress’, Dashboard Language and Site Language are two different things. Changing the Language of Website and Changing the Language of Dashboard, These are two different Things. Whenever u change the Language of Website, Automatically it changes the Language of Dashboard also. But Finally we got the solution of this common problem.

By Following these two steps u can use two different languages. One as the language of your site second as your Dashboard Language in WordPress.

STEP – 1

How to Change Website Language in WordPress?

Settings > General > Site Language > (Choose your Language) >

Scroll Down page and Click on ‘Save Changes‘.

Go to your Website Dashboard open Settings. Than click on ‘General’ than a page will display on the screen. Find the ‘Site Language’ option. In the Front of this option there will be the languages. Choose any of those languages. Scroll Down the page, In the End u will get the option ‘Save Changes’ click on it. It will change not only your site language but Dashboard Language also.

Step – 2

How to Change Dashboard Language in WordPress ?

Users > Your Profile > Language > (Choose Your Language) > 

Scroll Down page and Click on Update Profile

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Now go to the Dashboard and Click on ‘Users’. Than Click on the option ‘Your Profile’. There will open a page on screen. Find the option ‘Language’. Than u can choose any Language from given. Now Scroll down the page. In the End there will be the option of ‘Update Profile’. Click on this Option, That’s it.

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